Directing an Orchestra of Images

I can’t help but this kind of stuff still reminds me of Star Wars… The article was published in Insights, the new healthcare IT magazine of HIMSS Europe.

Directing an Orchestra of Images

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Cardiology in China

For the Medical Solutions magazine, I recently had the opportunity to interview Junbo Ge, a cardiologist who was educated in Germany and went back to China in 1999 in order to build up what we consider to be modern cardiology. China didn’t have or almost didn’t have any cath lab at that time at all. The pace at which cardiac diseases are spreading parallel to industrialisation is staggering. I like the interview because it illustrates what really matters in cardiology. I also like his answer on my question about traditional Chinese medicine.

We Need to Reconsider Medicine

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Survival of the wrongest

This article by David H. Freedman, published in the Columbia Journalism Review, is a must-read for everybody with an interest in healthcare journalism, and also for all those who are still of the opinion that there is nothing more about medicine than randomised-controlled trials: Survival of the wrongest

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On sustainability, happiness, and loads of snow

Ok, it is some months now. But since winter is approaching rapidly, it is exactly the right time to point to a snowy interview I did earlier this year. What is nice about journalism is that you are paid for meeting or at least talking to interesting people. And, rarely, you also get the possibilitiy to meet these people in truly inspiring places. Iqbal Survé is a former Anti-Apartheid activist and medical doctor who turned to the financial business more than a decade ago because Nelson Mandela told him to. I take the opportunity to thank photographer Lothar Schmid for one of the best cover shots ever taken…

Doing Good and Doing Well

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